Using a Hyundai GPS in Edmonton, Cold Lake, Fort McMurray, and Calgary

February 17th, 2016 by River City Hyundai

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Navigation systems are useful pieces of technology to have in your vehicle. Many Hyundai vehicles come with navigation systems that are extremely easy to use. No matter where you are in Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Cold Lake, or Calgary, using a Hyundai GPS can help you get exactly where you need to go.

The Hyundai navigation system can be accessed with manual or voice commands. Some of the best features are to set your home address and to find a destination. The following information will help walk you through some of the basic elements.


Home Address

Setting your home address is a great way to allow your navigation system to get you home from any location without having to constantly re-enter your information. By saving your home address, you’ll simply be able to hit the Home button, and the navigation system will provide you with the best route home. To set your home address, you have two options.
If you’re currently at home:

  1. Press the setup button
  2. Select My Places
  3. Select Home Address
  4. Press Store Current Position

The system will then store your current location as the home address.
If you’re not currently at home:

  1. Press the setup button
  2. Select My Places
  3. Select Home Address
  4. Press Search
  5. Follow prompts to enter information manually


Your navigation system can help you get from Point A to Point B. To find the best route to your desired destination:

  1. Press the destination button
  2. Search for destination by address
  3. Set as destination or save to address book for future use

Points of Interest

If you want to find nearby points of interest, you can use the POI button. You can search by category, location name, or address. Just remember that POI will only appear when the map is scaled to 800 meters or less.
To find a point of interest:

  1. Press map voice screen
  2. Touch POI icon
  3. Select business type from category list
  4. Use icons to find destination
  5. Set as destination

Access Your Navigation Today

River City Hyundai has a variety of new vehicles that include navigation. If you want to learn more about using Hyundai GPS available in Cold Lake, Fort McMurray, Edmonton, or Calgary, check out your user’s manual or contact us at 877-916.9839.


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