Navigating Your Credit Score


When it comes to your credit score range, Canada makes it a challenge to understand all the ins and outs. But River City Hyundai is here to help. We’ll explain complicated credit score terminology and help you get on the road to improving your credit. Follow this guide to find out more about checking your credit, credit score factors, and how you compare. If you need a no-hassle auto loan provider in Edmonton, feel free to get in touch.

How Do I Check My Credit?

As a resident of Canada, you’re entitled to as many credit reports per year as you want. You’ll need to request a printed copy by mail from Equifax or Transunion—Canada’s credit reporting agencies. In addition, this “soft inquiry” won’t have any affect on your score. It’s important to monitor your credit regularly to make sure that everything on the report is accurate.

Credit Score Factors

Canada’s credit reporting agencies use several factors to determine your score:

  • Debt Ratio – If you have a high credit limit and a low balance on a credit card, you’ll have a higher credit score.
  • On-Time Payments – Paying your bills on time is important, and it lets your next loan provider know that you’ll make payments without delay.
  • Negative Items – If you’ve had a bankruptcy, collections service, foreclosure, or another negative event, it will appear on you credit report and affect your score.

In addition, Equifax and Transunion take into account overall debt amount, hard credit inquiries, how many accounts you have, and the age of those accounts.

How Does My Score Compare?

Canadian credit scores range from 300-900, and where you land on that scale can make a big difference to your auto loan options.

  • 300-499 – Subprime
  • 500-579 – Very Poor
  • 580-619 – Poor
  • 620-679 – Average
  • 680-719 – Good
  • 720-779 – Very Good
  • 780-900 – Excellent

Learn More About Good vs. Bad Credit

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