Languages we speak and more!

Canada is a very multicultural country, full of a diverse and dynamic people. With that comes many languages and cultures.

Here at River City Hyundai, much like Canada, we have a diverse and dynamic staff who are fluent in a wide range of languages!

Sharing our culture and diversity makes us all closer together, and here at River City – You are part of our Family!

Here is a list of the languages other than English that we speak at River City Hyundai:

-Arabic (Adam Shtay, Billy Salame, Will Salha, Malik Elikhateeb, Rami Jamal, and Yasmeen Chahade)

-Persian/Farsi (Saeid Dehghani)

-Polish (Jack Dumincz, and Ben Kozel)

-Croatian (Mateo Bubic)

-Amharic (Yosefe Gudeta)

-German (Tina Wark)

-Hindi/Punjabi (Kabir Sidhu/Gautam Basra)

-Filipino (Michael Balitaan)

-Italian (Tina Wark)

-French (Justin Charron)

*See our Staff Page for more on our staff members!

If you would like us to tailor your purchase experience in any of these languages, please fill out the form below and let us know which one you speak, as well as which vehicle you are interested in.

We will have one of our staff members who speaks your language reach out to you!

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