Hyundai Factory Remote Start

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Are you thinking of buying a Hyundai vehicle in the Edmonton, Cold Lake, and Fort McMurray area? Make sure you get the Hyundai factory remote start system for added convenience and security to your vehicle. Get it today from River City Hyundai.

Remote Lock and Unlock With a Security Alarm

The remote start system makes your Hyundai even more convenient. Using the key fob, you’ll be able to lock and unlock your car’s tailgate and doors from far away, making it easy to secure your vehicle when parking. It also sets the alarm, which means that if anyone touches the doors, hood, or trunk when your car is locked, the horn will start sounding and the light will start flashing to alert you to the intruder. The red button on your remote control also triggers this function in order to scare away potential thieves.
Hyundai Santa Fe Power Liftgate

Remote Start and Car Find

You’ll be able to remotely start your vehicle from the parking lot or inside your home, which also lets you heat or cool the cabin to your specifications before you even get in. The Car Find button helps you locate your vehicle in a parking lot by sounding a brief horn honk that will guide you to your car. You’ll never have to worry about losing your car in a parking lot with Car Find!
Hyundai Bluelink Carfinder app on a smartphone

Hyundai Blue Link

Hyundai Blue Link is a revolutionary technology that lets you connect to your car like never before. The Blue Link rearview mirror will connect you to an operator who can contact an emergency service, schedule a car care or service appointment, or help find your destination for you. Your Blue Link mobile app lets you check your vehicle’s systems, as well as using the remote start or remote lock and unlock systems from your mobile phone or other device without having to fish for your key fob in your pocket or purse. In case of a stolen vehicle, you’ll also be able to work with Blue Link operators and law enforcement to locate your car, disable the engine block, and retrieve your vehicle.

Get Hyundai Apps Today

If you’re ready to invest in a car that has all these great features and more, contact River City Hyundai today! Call us at 780-371-3726 or come by at 13815 Manning Dr NW, Edmonton.

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