The Hyundai Santa Cruz Will Be a Groundbreaking Light Truck

November 30th, 2017 by


The Hyundai Santa Cruz show vehicle was first unveiled in 2015 – after unanimously positive feedback, we’re thrilled learn that a Hyundai Cruz will soon be making its way across the roads of America. It is expected to offer:

  • Up to 190 hp and 300 lbs. of torque
  • Crossover SUV-like Footprint
  • Expanding Cargo Bed with Tailgate Extension Feature

This is the fusion of crossover SUV and light-duty truck you’ve been waiting for, and there’s not too much longer left to wait!


It’s always possible additional engines will be made available, but the Hyundai Cruz is currently set to adopt a 2.0L turbo diesel capable of up to 190 hp and a colossal 300 lbs. of torque.

Those are numbers you’d associate with a half-ton or even a full-size truck. Expect the Hyundai Cruz to go like lightning, even as it achieves projected MPG ratings in the high 30s. And if you’d rather conquer the trail than the highway, Hyundai’s exclusive HTRAC system is ready to provide all-wheel peace of mind.

Size and Space

The Hyundai Cruz should prove plenty potent when you hit the gas, but it’s going to maintain a footprint similar to a crossover SUV. The upshot? You’ll maneuver through tighter streets or slip into smaller parking spots without a care.

Interior specs have not yet been released, but we expect the Hyundai Cruz will prove comfortable for up to five adults.

Cargo Bed

Of course, the truly revolutionary characteristic of the Hyundai Cruz is its expanding cargo bed. When fully extended, it brings the cargo bed to a length more akin to midsize trucks than you’d possibly imagine. There’s even an innovative tailgate extension feature.

If you want to haul some furniture or throw some firewood in the truck bed, you’ll be able to do so without worrying about overloading or piling too high.

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