What is Hyundai Connected Care?

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Looking for a smart and connected vehicle in Cold Lake? Hyundai Connected Care makes it easy for you to take care of your vehicle and for your vehicle to take care of you in Calgary. Check it out today from River City Hyundai.

What Is Connected Care?

Hyundai Connected Care is a way to help your car take care of you and itself. When you get a Hyundai with Blue Link, you’ll get a smart car. Blue Link connects your Hyundai to your smart phone so you can check on your vehicle’s vital statistics, lock and unlock your car and even start it from inside your house, and even search for destinations and receive turn-by-turn directions from your smartphone. Blue Link’s Connected Care is a crucial part of the Blue Link system, help to keep you safe in your Hyundai and keep your Hyundai safe. See what Connected Care has to offer you today!


Hyundai Connected Care has plenty of safety features to make sure that your Hyundai can take care of you in case of an emergency. Automatic collision notification and assistance detects when an airbag is deployed, and sends a signal with your location and vehicle information to the Blue Link call center so an operator can contact you and dispatch emergency services. Even if the airbags don’t deploy in case of a collision or other emergency, the dedicated SOS button will immediately connect you to operators who can reach and dispatch emergency services and first responders. If you have a flat tire or breakdown, you can reach roadside assistance immediately to help you get back on track or get a tow.

Car Care

Hyundai Connected Care keeps you on track with your vehicle maintenance. You’ll get a message about upcoming maintenance via e-mail or text message, and you can check your monthly vehicle health report on the MyHyundai web portal with routine diagnostics. If your car has a problem, you’ll get a vehicle trouble code notification with an explanation and process guide. Use the Service Link system to send your maintenance or repair needs to your dealer, and even get recalls immediately on your in-vehicle display.

Get Your Hyundai Today

Are you ready to get a Hyundai with Connected Care in Fort McMurray? River City Hyundai can make it happen! Compare vehicles like the 2020 Hyundai Palisade vs. the 2020 Kia Telluride, then test drive your new Hyundai vehicle around Edmonton, call us today at 780-371-3726 or come see us at 13815 Manning Drive NW in Edmonton.

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